Monday, June 4, 2007

Irish Hiking Scarf Knitalong

Okay, I SWEAR I'm not buying any new wool. Or yarn, or string or ANYTHING ! So how on EARTH has my yarn stash grown into three baskets of CRAP?

It's either my yarn is doing the nasty when the lights go out OR "I've got this yarn I'm not using, let's give it to Chuck - He knits."

I'm grateful. I really am. But if I can't buy anything new until I get rid of the old (it's a decluttering, self-imposed limitation) then how will I EVER get that ultra soft baby alpaca in the burning maple colors that I love?

That's IT! My (non-knitting) friends are all getting Irish Hiking Scarves in crappy acrylic for Christmas (I'd never do that to my knitting friends).

It's a simple cabled pattern. Easy to memorize - looks wonderful - mindless chattering while knitting possible.

For this Irish Hiking Scarf knitalong - click on the link above for the free pattern, grab some needles and go! Send your Irish Hiking Scarf pics to - I'll post them and your notes here - unless you know how to do both in COMMENTS.


Coleen said...

oh... so your knitting friends will get alpaca scarves? I want one!

Just-Chuck said...

HA! Shirley, you jest.

(I know, stop calling you Shirley.)